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Breakfast Club - Toys Request

The Breakfast Club is very very popular with anything from 40 to 50 children attending. But there is a limited amount of games and activities for them to play with. The Parent Council would like to boost its selection for the children.

If you have any items in good condition that would be suitable could you consider handing them into the School Office?

Some suggestions to give you the general idea are;

  • Lego or sticky bricks
  • Books
  • Colouring books
  • Short play board games (draughts, 4-in-a-row etc)
  • Small jigsaws

Storage is limited so no LARGE items please.

About Us

The Parent Council is a group of parents whose aims are to create an inclusive and welcoming school environment.

We do that by working as a partnership made up of parents, teachers and pupils aiming to make Gourock Primary School the best it can be for all the children.

The Parent Council …
  • is an important route of communication between teachers, parents and the pupils
  • works to improve parental involvement within the school
  • helps the school determine important school matters – School Development Plan, Bullying Policy, Homework Policy, Curriculum for Excellence etc
  • supports fundraising – this is vitally important for the school and pupils as it pays for buses for school trips, helps when buying equipment for the school and other ‘extras’.
  • Parents who take on a supportive role in their child’s learning make a huge difference in improving achievement and behaviour.

If you like the sound of that then we’d like you to be a part of it.

The Parent Council exists to represent and involve parents with the school to the benefit of all the children in the school.

The website exists to enhance the ways in which the Council and Forum (all Parents) can communicate.  Please click around to find what we have been up to, and get in touch if there is something you want to raise.

Parental Involvement videos

Three short clips describing Parental Involvement have been uploaded. Bring your own popcorn and click here...

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Child Friendly Driving Charter

The School and Parent Council have devised this Charter to raise awareness of the dangers facing children as they go to and from school.

Parents can read the rules of the charter

If you want to sign up you can use this PDF form.